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information, evacuations started. in march they found a number of bodies, four of which were identified as victims. >> developing news, out of the east bay oak hand police are investigating a possible drive by shoot that injured a pregnant woman. it happened on east 16th street just after three. police say the woman is in her 30s and about seven months pregnant. the bullet graze her stomach. officers haven't released details about the victim. police say that someone probably fired from a passing car. there is a reward tonight of up to 5,000 dollars for information. also in oakland a 67-year- old is in the hospital in grave condition after she was hit today by a marked pickup truck next to the lake. the woman was walking across lake side drive when the truck turned onto the street. she may have been walking home.
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the 56-year-old bart employee is under going a test for alcohol and drug use. police haven't released the names. police busted two suspected copper thieves at a pg&e substation this morning. officers were called to that facility around 3:00 a.m. and saw two men running a building. they caught one of them quickly but it took a few more hours to find the second one. they say he was actually hiding under a car cover in a parking lot next door. one officer had minor injuries. the suspects have been identified as danny owens and daniel carter. >> four people including a police officer were hurt during a fire overnight in south san francisco. those flames broke out about 11:30 at a duplex at grand and chestnut. three residents and the first police officer to respond to the fire were all taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. the fire was contained to the
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duplex and was out in 45 minutes. >> i just hear, like, someone is screaming, they say fire fire and i heard that -- the glass cracking, some breaking glass and then when i pick up the window there was already a smoke coming out from the window. >> reporter: the fire displaced seven people and tonight they are getting help from the red cross with temporary housing. as for the cause of the fire it's still under investigation. >> the up roar continues today with even the president weighing in after another controversial call during an nfl game. the replacement referees missed a call on the last play of monday night football. eric has the california ties to the official at the center of the latest controversy. >> reporter: you know some are now calling play a fail mary. the pass in to the end zone with time expiring, it appears a green by defender has the ball but look at this. one of the replacement referees
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call s it a touchdown. you see number 26, a side judge, a high school referee from the central coach and foam green bay aren't the only one who think he got it wrong. >> the game's final play, in to the end zone. it's -- >> reporter: not just a game but often the most watched tv program of any kind on monday night gave viewers an ending that didn't make much sense. >> not surprised but it's unfortunate. >> this is the north coast. >> reporter: sam recently retired after more than 50 years refereeing high school games all over california including the bay area. >> last thing i would do is criticize an official if i'm at the game but watching on tv i'm like every other american and i think boy -- they blew that. >> reporter: specifically side judge number 26 lance easley who signaled a touchdown.
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people blasted him on the internet, even giving his home address where is he a high school referee and a vice press with bank of america. >> fans have actually talked about not even watching football in week as like a protest of the commissioner. >> you think it'll happen? >> no. >> reporter: though not every mistake have hurt the 49ers, season ticket holder is among those fed up with the bad calls and the nfl inability to reach a deal with the locked out referees. >> we play for the fair game and to see the calls deciding games and it's -- it's ridiculous. >> reporter: and today the nfl said the referees missed a call during the process of this play but the nfl upheld the victory. we talked to an expert in sports and labor negotiations who said this could be a turning point in the lock out and we are put that together for six. ktvu. >> thank you. more details now. even after that disputed call
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the nfl is reportedly holding firm in negotiations with the locked out officials. the league and referees union metaphor a 4th straight day today. they don't appear to be anywhere close to a deal. the main sticking points the number of games officials will be guaranteed to referee, proposed pension roll backs and the league's desire to sidelined under preforming officials. >> the controversy is even blurring the lines among political rivals. scott walker who busted public employee unions posted a message calling for the return of the locked out union referees. walker said after catching a few hours of sleep the packers game is still just as pain. , return the real refs. one of his political foes saw irony but said that we are all fans first and foremost. viewers have been weighing in on last night's call on facebook. you can join the conversation by liking ktvu channel 2.
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>> private investigator at the center of a corruption scandal that dismantled a narcotics enforcement team was sentenced today. christopher butler was sentenced to eight years and fined $20,000. in may as we reported, he pleaded guilty to seven charges including extortion, robbery and conspiracy to deal drugs. the scandal included four others who allegedly set up estranged spouses of clients for drunk driving arrests. now information about that principal in the south bay arrested on drug charges. we have details of a search of his home and what investigators say they found is racing new concerns. robert honda continues now the coverage of this case live with the story. >> reporter: a lot of new information coming out of this drug task force. >> reporter: >> the prince poll is being held as the investigation continues in to what he did at
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home in san francisco and at his school in santa clara. the school principal remains in the minimum security jail facility for now. eric dean louis was charged yesterday with five felony counts of possessing and selling drugs including meth, ectasy and ghb but it's possible that he could face more charges depending ton what investigators find from computers taken at his school hidden cameras from his apartment. he was arrested thursday at this caltrain station after allegedly offering drugs to an undercover agent contacted through a dating website adam for adam. according to a task force he had february hidden cameras in his home including in a teddy bear. >> who knows? everybody has their own lifestyle. it could have been for the dates he brought home. >> reporter: that view was repeated by the school superintendent and some parents. >> it's always disturbing to see something that might have involved a child but we don't
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know that yet. there was nothing found in the office. >> i highley doubt that any of his activities are going on happened on school property. there are so many other people around. >> reporter: according to the report the agent said that eric louis was texting me from work. throughout the report louis acknowledges drug sales and use on a fairly large scale. >> i think that makes it even more disturbing. >> reporter: officials don't have any mange images yet from the computers or cameras. he returns to court on friday. >> gilroy's interim fire chief began his first day on the job. allen anderson retired last year. today he stepped in to the position of gilroy chief which was left open by roger bloom. bloom resigned after a police
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sting caught him trying to buy alcohol for an underaged decoy. the chief will help the city look for a permanent chief. >> now to the continuing coverage on the controversy of a building of a new jail. john is here now and says why protesters say the millions of dollars being spent on that jail in redwood could be better used elsewhere. john. >> reporter: in a few years the jail will stand right over there, construction is set to start by early next year but that didn't stop protester this is morning from trying to derail the project. the board of supervisors had a lot of noise to deal with as opponents took the mic. >> it's just a warehouse for people that have been pushed off the economic ladder. >> reporter: it got worse when the supervisors as
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supervisors started to explain their support. >> i will acknowledge that we do need this >> [inaudible]. >> i don't think you want to build no jail. >> reporter: they say the costs could be better used on schools and programs aimed at keeping people out of jail. the board approved the project last year and today the supervisors voted to approve next year's budget which includes jail funding. the board president said that the county has no choice but to build it. there is a public safety suspicion if people get arrested and get convicted someone has to house them and that's our role. our role is also to make it humane. >> reporter: we went in to the over crowded women's jail which will be replaced and which all sides agrees needs to be shut down . >> you did a crime you should do the time. the jail house needs to be shut
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down and have a new one built. >> reporter: county officials say the new jail will have more room for programs to help inmates improve their lives and not return to jail. >> in san francisco, an incredible find that's more than a century old. at 5:45 the pieces of city history that construction crews have just found. >> violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> the president addresses world leaders, what he says needs to be done. >> and back here in just a few minutes the forecast, involves a lot of fog and temperatures that are really going to increase. which days get hot in the bay area. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . talk act photograph -- you can see southern california traffic showed to a crawl
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around 9:15. it formed at overpass and walnut creek. several lanes were closed for two and a half hours and the cause of that closure was because a man who had jumped from the overpass to his death. his name hasn't been released. >> a highway patrol motorcycle officer and another person were both further a train reaction accident in san francisco. it happened on interstate 80, backing up traffic for miles. the officer suffered several broken bones. chp investigators say it started when a silver chevy slammed in to the back of a red toyota. >> he struck the rear of the toyota which puts it in to the number one lane where the officer was traveling and he rear-ended that vehicle. he was ejected frommed -- his motorcycle and struck the center divider here. >> reporter: the officer was alert and talking to doctors and is reported to be in stable
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condition. the woman driving the car was also in the hospital. we have now learned it was a 13-year-old boy who was suspected of stealing a car, leading stockton police on a one mile chase. it ended on lower sacramento road when he lost control of the car, causing it to flip and trap him inside. he was in the hospital before being sited released to his mother. no word on possible charges. >> the president took to the world stage today calling on global leaders to address tensions in the middle east. his speech comes as foreign affairs emerge as a critical election issue. >> reporter: he set the tone with his first words. chris stevens. he honored the late ambassador's devotion to libya and promised to find the people who killed him and three others and he asked for condemnation of the mob behind the murders.
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>> today we must reaffirm that our future will be determined by people like chris stevens and not by his killers. today we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> reporter: he called a privately produced video that angered muslim disgusting but affirmed the american ideal of free speech. he warned iran that the world is growing impatient with the nation's secrecy around lieutenants nuclear program. >> america wants to resolve the issue through diplomacy and we believe there is still time to. >> reporter: he also called for an end to the syria regime. they said the violence in that nation is spiraling dangerously. . >> mainly by the government but also by opposition groups. such crimes must not go unpin
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issued. >> reporter: the president in the middle of a bruising election battle ended with a theme from his last campaign. hope. thanking libya people who marched against the mobs adding the rising tide of liberty will not be reversed. ktvu channel 2news. >> the president also spoke at the clinton global initiative, the same new york forum where romney criticized his economic policy. >> sadly we have lost over half a million manufacturing jobs in the last four years. i intend to reverse that trend by ensuring we have trade that works for, america. >> reporter: he later joined paul ryan at a rally in ohio. the two spoke to supporters at an arenose base. romney said the president wants to race taxes and america can't afford four more years.
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>> students at berkeley held a rally to urge classmates to register to vote. several student groups held an online drive. organizers say that the secretary of state's new online registration system has made it easier to convince students to sign up and vote. they say it's more effective than paper because if a person makes a mistake the site will not let them advance to the next page. >> especially youth because we are focused on technology. it's a great way to make it easier for students to make sure they can raise their voice in the election. >> the deadline to register for the november election is october 22nd, to find out how to register you can go to the website and then scroll down to web links. >> people started their day with a good jolt. a 4.5 quake struck at 8:15 this morning. just -- people said it felt like a single hard punch and
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that sent pets running for cover. there are no reports of damage orrin jury. firefighters in san diego are making progress ono that big shocky fire. tonight the fire is 55% contained and the good news is that the full containment is expected by tomorrow. already more than 2800 acres have burned 25 structures still threatened. the fire has destroyed 11 homes and 14 out buildings. yesterday an 82-year-old man who ignored an order to evacuate died in the fire. >> let's talk about the weather with bill martin. things heating up. >> they are. especially as we go through the week. we will get back in to the 09's. today wasn't half bad. its been fall like, very nice but the temperatures will stair step up as we go to the bay area weekend. the fog is out there. from therewas fog about where we expected it would be. not really getting over the east bay hills but -- out in the avenues are out toward the cliff house or toward pacifica,
5:20 pm
it doesn't seem like a really sunny nice day like it does if you are out in san rafael or in fremont. very big difference between the coast and inland. temperatures today right now, right now temperatures are just a little cooler than they were at this time yesterday. temperatures have cooled faster. we are just 82 in fairfield, 77 antioch. a lot of fog at the coast. it'll do that thing where it pushes inland again tonight just like last night. it's deeper. if you glance glance at the bridge it's over the towers, they are about 730 feet high. the inversion about 1,000 feet. that's enough. the -- that tell its you a lot of fog started to go over the hills, the coastal hills, roughly average a thousand feet. headlines higher, the inversion, the fog over the golden gate bridge, i know that it's starting to spill in and impact the temperatures. that's what -- the story is right now and that will be again tomorrow. the forecast overnight lows on
5:21 pm
the cool side, mild side. this time of year the days are getting shorter, nights getting longer . the nights are getting longer the days shorter. over night lows starting to get more chilly. the story tomorrow, just like today. no big changes. the big story is the lie pressure starting to build n give us the off shore flow. as we move toward the end of the week changes for the warmer. forecast for the fog 4:00 a.m. and -- barely over the coastal hills here and then you see fog trying to get inland and then temperatures tomorrow just like today. the oranges are 80's. yellows 70's. when i come back we will do the specifics. that's the broad brush. when i come back the specifics for your neighborhood for the forecast high for your thursday. i will see you back here. >> thank you bill. still to come, going green at an early age. how east bay students learning to reduce their carbon foot print. >> and the deal on i-cloud that's ending in just a matter of days.
5:22 pm
why certain people will soon be getting less storage space. . we didn't have a fire,. >> what officials are saying may have led to the smoky mess. >> and givingself driving cars the green right. the major development that could put robot cars on the road all tonight on the news at six. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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. we are following developing news. a gas leak has prompted the evacuation of an apartment building on central boulevard. these are live pictures of the area impacted from news chopper 2 as you see there. a crew working in the area working on the service line. they caused that leak. that's when a valve was
5:25 pm
accidentally broke spent gas started leaking. we learned moments ago the leak was capped in this area but we are still waiting for word from pg&e about the status of the evacuations. i have been told that now that apartment building impacted by the gas leak everybody is now being allowed back in. >> a group of oakland school children reaped a big and unusual reward. they have been helping to try to reduce the foot print of schools through a green gloves program. >> that is the happy sound of a lunch room and children sorting their lunch trash. they are part of the green glove program. it's a 2-year-old project to teach kids the importance of recycling and using what you need. the students are becoming environmental st, wards. >> a farmer will use that when it becomes compost.
5:26 pm
the recycling, they have the understanding of what plastic is. >> reporter: today the green gloves program came full circle and the waste management company donated back the compost that the children helped make with their lunch leftover. that compost is now being used in the school's garden. green gloves is active in 40 schools but district officials hope to expand the program. >> also pretty cool the brain of a genius now available, the national museum of health and medicine chicago launch aid new app, a new i-pad app request that lets rears to look in to the winners brain as if they were looking through a microscope. that would of course be the brain of albert einstein. apple is warning some about a down sizing in i-cloud storage. during the migration apple gave
5:27 pm
them 20gb's of storage. the deal ends on september 30th and they will only get five gigs after that. anything above that will come with a yearly fee. >> new developments in a known hit and run case. what the suspect is heard saying an a cell phone video lots of prepaid cards
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they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. . complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> prosecutors reveal a key piece of evidence in their case against a man used of mowing down a firefighter. the new developments in the assault case came to light in a san francisco courtroom. we are live from the city with
5:30 pm
the new information. >> reporter: we were in court today as prosecutors played a cell phone video they say showed the defendant intended to run down a cal fire firefighter. it started an altercation last november 24th. video shows a confrontation inside between customers and cal fire firefighter albert bartel and john coria. another man in the white shirt steps forward. >> he stood in between himself -- two other men that were arguing with the -- with mr. bartel and -- he stepped in and held a hands out -- he was a peace maker. >> reporter: moments later bartel rushed to him and appears to strike him. we were there today as prosecutors played for the first time in open court a cell phone video shot by a jack in the box customer. >> he just issued there -- he
5:31 pm
just stood there. >> reporter: a few seconded laider he can be seen saying i'm going to blank him up. prosecute everybodies say minuting later he used the rental car to strike bartel at this nearby shell station. >> concerning and that's one of the reasons we are prosecuting the case. we feel that it was clear intent on the part of him to do what he did. >> reporter: defense attorneys challenging the video and down playing their client's statement on it. >> just a statement. after you get punched in the face you -- what would you say? >> reporter: albert has been in a coma since november. the other man face faces attempted murder. reporting live. david steve ebben so. >> home prices jump more than forecasters expected in july. economists surveyed say that
5:32 pm
it's a sign that housing will help spur overall economic growth. the numbers were released today. they say that home values in 20 united states cities were up 1.2% in july compared to a year earlier. it's the biggest 12 month advance since august of 2010. despite the news on housing and good news on consumer confidence stock prices fell today. people were worried about the lower profit forecast for caterpillar. the dow fell 101 points, the nasdaq down 43 and the s and p had it's worst day since june, down 15 points. >> toys r us the latest to put out the help wanted signs for the holidays. the toy store giant plans to hire 45,000 seasonal workers. that's about 13% monday that it hired last year. many of the new employees will help with online customer orders that can be picked up at stores, wal-mart and koh also's are also beefing up staff.
5:33 pm
>> hundreds of comcast employees in northern california learned today they are losing their jobs. comcast is moving all of its california call centers out of state including the ones in livermore, morgan hill and sacramento. that means one thousand jobs gone. >> reporter: hundreds of employees in sacramento were stunned to learn they are losing their jobs. >> i just think it's really unexpected and really terrible they did this right before the holidays. you know, we have families and -- they did all these training classes. republicanan all together one thousand comcast employees will be laid off in california with a cost of doing business comcast said is to high. >> we have made a very difficult decision to shift to the other call centers. >> reporter: where? >> seattle, portland and denver. >> reporter: the company is
5:34 pm
hanging up it's call centers in sacramento, and two more in morgan hill and livermore. worker also be out of a job by november 30th. employee was given blue folders today and said they were offered one thousand dollars in severance pay and three thousand dollars more if they moved to comcast centers out of state. move of them were bitter. they told us about what they considered a raw deal. >> i have been working here for 13 years. very been putting in a lot of hard work and for them to just do us like this is a shame and to give us a lousy severance package and all the rest is ridiculous. >> reporter: we spoke to comcast and they said that if you are a comcast customer your service won't be affected by this move. >> autographed pictures, even the awning of the purple onion comedy club all up for auction today. the landmark venue closed last night after 59 years.
5:35 pm
it saw people like woodial ken richard pryor. it's after the building was's lease was not renewed. >> turns out next year at&t park will host a semi-finals of the world baseball classic and today the giants and the mayor revealed plans for those games. >> we are a world class city and this -- event for the world baseball classic, held here is -- extremely exciting. it reflects the flavor of the city. >> it caused. >> the it started in japan an may 2nd. it's san francisco's debut as a host city for that event. two top boxers who have been trading verbal jacks could now finally be closer to getting in to the ring for what would be one of the biggest fights in history. floyd may weather and manny
5:36 pm
pacio have agreed to settle a federal defamation case in las vegas. terms of the deal aren't being disclosed. it's alleged may weather suggested that pacio used drugs. the settlement could set the stage for promoters to set a date for a fight between them, both of whom are possibly the best known fighters in the world. >> apple is struggling to keep up with orders for its new i- phone because of production delays. they say supplies are having a hard time produce the new touch screen. new technology make itself the light eve phone but one was unable to ship its screens before the launch date. two others are having a difficult time keeping up. google threw another punch at apple today in the dispute over maps. the chairman announced this morning that the mountain view company is not expecting to
5:37 pm
offer a google maps app any time soon. they just released a new operating system with its mapping application. the two companies couldn't agree on licensing. the new law that keeps state parks open plus yahoo's new ceo on a mission. what she is doing to keep employees happy. >> and a discovery in san francisco. what it is. what it reveals about the history of the city. ñ/óññóx
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. the governor has signed a bill that includes new funding and a two year stop on closing state parks. the legislation signed today includes $30 million for park operations and money for maintenance at parks that were in bad shape even before the recent budget short fall. if came from the recently found surplus hidden by park officials. >> yahoo ceo told employees about her gap plan. she spoke to workers at the sunnyvale head quarters and she said she plans to make if an every day part of people's lives. she said it'll be shifting to smart phones and tablets . .
5:41 pm
free lance workers tend to be happier. 28% say they are paid what they are worth. more than 85% were happy. the findings are based on a harris interactive study of 225 managers and more than 2,000. >> united states airlines set a new record for bag fees during the first half of the year. transportation officials say they collected a total of $1.7 billion in bag fees. delta collected the most, 430 million followed by united at 351 million. officials say the airlines fight with trying to make money passengers may be faced with more fees. at least two are charging for carry on bags. >> it was the most deadly disaster in san francisco
5:42 pm
history. what work crews found underneath the sidewalk. >> and back here in just a couple minutes action fog, we have a big baseball game across the bay. the forecast for the first inning and see you back with a five-day. on your prepaid card?
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introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card with no fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. all for one flat monthly fee so there's zero confusion. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. . construction projects on some of the busiest roads could see delays. last week the house of representatives and senate stripped about $278 billion for road improvement nationwide. it was part of a deal to avoid
5:45 pm
a government shut down. some are now promising to restore the funds. >> we face two deficits in this country. of course everybody is worried about the federal funding deficit . >> the transportation department couldn't say how much of the money would have gone to bay area project. it has not yet decided on how to divide the remaining funds . >> in san francisco, construction crews have found buried pieces of the old san francisco city hall that was destroyed during the 1906 quake. rob roth is in the city and say what they found and also why there are no plans to dig it up. >> reporter: for history buffs its like a piece of buried treasure. to get focused behind me is the current city hall. over here with the asian art museum that was the old city hall that took up a block across what's now hyde street
5:46 pm
to that february. beyond that where that dirt is that's where a piece of history was found. work crews were about to plant new trees. >> they found they kept hitting brick. >> reporter: these. they are part of the foundation of what was once san francisco's city hall. destroy bid the 1906 quake. it took 25 years to build it and it's 300-foot high dome. construction started in 1872. it was the largest one. >> there were contract disputes . >> reporter: it was just nine when an april 18th. 1906 the quake rocked the city. the it wasn't reinforced it fell away. >> reporter: this piece of foundation is still very much
5:47 pm
intact. >> it still feels solid like it's not -- it doesn't fall apart in your hands. >> the tricks -- were pretty well made. >> reporter: they say they can learn from this, especially in quake country and it's another lesson, you never know what is beneath your feet. >> it's important to know they are walking on history. even if they don't know it. >> reporter: they say they plan to study the foundation for a few more weeks and then it'll remain buried under a new sidewalk. reporting live. rob roth. >> seniors could be hit with double digit increases for prescription drugs. seniors with made care plans may want to shop around now. people in aarp are in luck that
5:48 pm
will only rise 57-cents this also have a new plan called safer plus which will average just about $15 a month. >> another check on the weather. nice day today but looks like that fog is rolling in tonight. >> a lot of it out there. it'll roll in tonight but will stay a lot like we had today. not a big change tomorrow president the big changes toward the end of the week when temperatures start to come up but there is a lot of fog. tonight you will notice that. a little more fog around the bay. we go outside. you can seat fog that. was a live picture. this is the live storm tracker. you see the fog, represented there along ocean beach and san francisco along the great highway. a lot of it. the highs from today. very similar to what we had yesterday which will be same lore to what we see yesterday. forecast for the ball game tonight. you are going out to the at&t park. giants play the diamondbacks. first mitch 60 degrees and then fog and low clouds over the stadium and it's cool. west wind about 10 miles an
5:49 pm
hour. looks good out there if you head that way. take the jacket as you probably have done. the weekend things warm up. i talked that the -- the end of the week. with the slight off shore winds. kind of sets up here in the northeast portion of the state and that tends to kick winds off shore and that's when the fire danger would come up. it's always high but that's what we are looking at perhaps northeast winds. that could decrease humidity and we may talk firet. will get warmer toward the bay area. through the bay area, just like today. no surprises at all. mid-70s toward lafayette. livermore, you are in the mid80's. maybe a couple upper, forecast
5:50 pm
highs more specifically 85 in fairfield. 83 concord, 84 walnut creek. 86 livermore. the temperatures, showing them maybe a degree cooler, than they were today but it could go either way. it's just a -- little bit of this or that. it'll be very similar to what we saw yesterday. five-day looks good. this time of year can't beat the weather. showing up in the five-day. really, really great weather. as we get toward the end of the week the numbers tick up. mid90o's. that increases fire danger. >> okay. >> thank you. >> still to come, the mars rover makes another discover yes. >> the party is over. >> preventing tragedy. the new party bus law being celebrated by a bay area couple who lost their son.
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
. the parents of a teen who died after drinking on a party bus celebrated a new law. >> in the shade of this -- 100 year old, oak tree that credited has this tree house that brett helped me build we know that he is smiling down today. . >> they held the news conference outside their home
5:54 pm
today. they it thanked the governor for signing the new law which restricts underaged drinking on party buses. their son brett crashed his car and died after a night of drinking on a party bus. buses must have chaperones and end trips if they suspect underage drinking. >> the party is over. our hearts go out to the people suffering from losses. >> they hope the law will bring the relatives peace including the family of a woman who died after falling out of a party bus in july. people that break the through will face charges and the possible loss of their business
5:55 pm
license. >> tesla promoting a new network of free charging stations for its group of model s owners. they revealed the network in los angeles yesterday. they plan to install more in the united states and canada. they only work on the high end of the united states. meantime the united states energy department is asking them to speed up their payment of a loan. they have until octobero 31st to submit an early repayment . they have prove said they plan to start repaying december >> the mars rover on its longest drive. it's slowly making it's wayward a site about 1300 feet from the
5:56 pm
touchdown feet. before it started it practiced the use of its robotic arm. it touched a rock and zapped a rock with it's laser. >> cool images. they are knob crime fighting tools but there is a big debate about if they work and coming up, we are live in oakland where city officials trying to determine if it's worth paying to keep that city's red light camera operating. >> and it's a ground breaking law and google is in the driver's seat. new, the new rules when it comes to driverless cars on the road. card hassles?
5:57 pm
introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card that's easy to activate and can be used right away. plus, you can load cash or checks
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at any chase depositfriendly atm and checks right from your smartphone. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at six. >> we begin with developing news in brentwood. news chopper two is overhead in comment acosta where an apartment evacuation has just been lifted and people are allowed to go back inside. this was prompted by a gas leak around 12:20. a crew working on a service line ruptured the valve. it was cap add round five
5:59 pm
tonight and officials say all of the row pairs have been made. >> and we have update on a shooting in oakland we first told you about about an hour ago. police say that a pregnant woman was not grazed by a bullet as first thought but was actually injured by broken glass when a bullet hit her car. the shooting happened on east 16th street. a second vehicle and three homes were also hit. no word on any other injuries and at this point no suspects have been arrested. >> they have become a hot topic and a source of controversy in oakland. we are talking about red light traffic cameras. new at six we are live in oakland where a meeting is underway this evening to discuss the fate of that program. >> reporter: i stepped out of the public safety committee meeting where they are talking about what they plan to do about the red light program. many of us have seen the familiar signs that warn that the red light program is in

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